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We’ll help you develop a video content strategy that works with your sales funnel. 

We can advise on which types of videos work best at the different stages. Some videos are brilliant for getting attention in the Awareness phase, then moving your audience into the Consideration phase. At other stages, potential clients with bigger budgets need to be impressed. They require more information to consider you for their shortlist.

We’ve perfected video storytelling skills that hook your ideal customer, hold their attention, and payoff with a positive response to your call to action.
There are many moving parts to a properly produced video, so planning is as important as pressing record.

The budget determines the scope of the overall production. The planning stage maps out the project to the very end, and factors in everything from location, cast and crew to equipment and sustenance.

Filming timescales vary based on factors such as location logistics, setup and breakdown times, and the performance of actors or interviewees. Smaller projects can be completed in a day, while others - like documentaries - can stretch over months.
Editing and post-production usually take longer than filming.
First is the assembly edit, where the Director pieces the story together from all the available footage. The project then moves into the studio where an editor works with the Director to make the story flow. Music is added to the audio, and cutaways (b-roll) are carefully chosen.
Post-production is probably the most technical stage where the editor goes deep into colour grading, audio balancing, effects, motion graphics, and more. Lots of teas and coffees.
A good story well told with a smartphone can be all that’s needed for many businesses. Most of us have phones with decent cameras. There are powerful smartphone editing apps that are easy to use, and completely free.
But it takes more than just pointing your phone at something. 
There still needs to be a story, and productions always need planning.

Our popular Workshop, “Tell Business Stories with Your Smartphone”, will teach you everything you need to know to create great videos for your company.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the services we offer or would like to book a workshop either call on 01536 674749, email robin@vizeomedia.com or complete the form on our contact page.

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