Videographers and video editors are being churned out of local colleges termly.

But great storytellers and scriptwriters? Still one in a million.

Writing pictures and words that entertain and sell doesn’t come in a box with instructions.

It’s a mysterious mix of wordsmithing what you see in your mind’s eye, writing to sell, getting into the hearts and minds of the target audience, knowing how to tell a good story (“entertain or die”), and crafting in different formats.

Depending on the style of video, your script could be:

  • A traditional script with pictures and words to tell the story
  • A voiceover-only script to be recorded by a male or female voiceover artist
  • A dialogue script where actors learn the lines and there’s visual guidance and stage directions for the director
  • A shooting script where the story is told purely with visuals and music
  • An interview script where the story is told by asking targeted questions then selecting relevant soundbites from interviewees
  • An ‘improvised’ vlog-style video that entertains and informs

First, we establish what your video is about - the theme, in other words - and agree on a style.

The Vizeo team will then develop the story, write the script, and produce a storyboard if needed.