Vizeo Media helps businesses of all sizes make truly engaging video content, one story at a time.
People make buying decisions based on emotional triggers, and that’s where the story format excels. 
Audiences today want to know the human side of your business. Video is the human side of digital.
Your business has stories to tell that no-one else has, because you are unique.
This is what makes you stand out from the crowd. 

"Our mission is to find your stories and bring them to life on the screen for the benefit of your audience"

Meet the Team

Robin - Story Director, Producer, Founder

Robin has been creating video and written content in business since 1982. He has worked for the most iconic agencies, and with clients large and small in the UK, US, and Caribbean. He specialises in visual storytelling for marketing and sales, and has studied under the world’s greatest teachers of Story, including Robert McKee. Robin is also Certified by Google as a Digital Marketer, and holds a PTLLS teaching qualification. He has developed a course to show marketers how to tell stories in business with their smartphone.
Robin is an adventure motorbike rider, and enjoys filming his travels around Europe and the UK.


Melody - Production Manager

Melody worked in television before joining Vizeo. She began as a Runner in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, progressing to the production team on Britain’s Best Home Cook for KEO Films, and eventually to Assistant Floor Manager on Channel 4’s Great Celebrity Bake-Off. Melody came on board after the pandemic to develop her production skills in a business context.
Melody is big time into journaling to the point that she attends journaling festivals. Who knew there was such a thing!

Sam - Director of Photography and Editor

Sam has been a camera operator, Director of Photography and professional editor for over 15 years. He has travelled widely through America, Asia and Europe as lead camera op on a variety of projects. Sam's role at Vizeo Media encompasses lead camera operator, editor, motion graphics and 2D animation. 
Apart from Sam's advanced technical skills, he is actually quite good at multi-tasking, which is more than can be said for many of his colleagues. 

Laurence - Camera Operator, 3D Modelling and Animation

Laurence is a supremely talented A and B camera operator, 3D modelling pro, and 3D animator. He is also our resident drone and Matterport camera operator. Laurence's niche at Vizeo Media is hunting out amazing b-roll footage, essential to any entertaining video. He finds relevant b-roll that most of us would never see, and is responsible in a large part for eyeballs staying glued to the screen. 
Laurence's dog could be mistaken for a small horse, and he somehow finds the time to take her on extremely long walks in the countryside.

Extended Team

Our extended network includes camera operators from the levels of DoP to student; photographers with various commercial specialties; editors; 3D modelling artists; drone and Matterport camera ops; live streaming producers for large or small events; makeup professionals; copy and script writers; and voiceover professionals.

Book an Appointment

If you are interested in finding out more about the services we offer or would like to book a workshop either call on 01536 674749, email robin@vizeomedia.com or complete the form on our contact page.

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